Go To Jungle

Welcome to the most wanted survival game of time with the most realistic simulation of surviving in the wild jungle with wild animals and man eating monsters in Go To Jungle. Fight the wild animals and do what is necessary to survive in the jungle. Enjoy the most realistic simulation of survival you have ever witnessed. Feel free to wonder around the jungle and collect the things you will need to survive in the jungle. You are on Small Island with the most dangerous animals. Wild animals will attack you and will try to kill you. They think you as an intruder. Enjoy the boat journey from one island to the jungle and also enjoy the Horse riding to travel around the jungle. Make sure you enjoy your time in the jungle. Go to Jungle is a free roaming game with a third person perspective survival Simulator. Game Play: Go To Jungle is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you play as a survivor and survive in the dangerous jungle with the help of your surviving skills. While enjoying your time roaming around in your own boat you accidentally stuck on an island. Now you need to find different materials like wood, iron and stones to build your boat again and move to the nearest jungle to survive. You need to find new motors on the island to fix your boat and make it to the jungle. Once you have fixed your boat you are good to go the jungle. Make sure you reach your next dock as soon as possible or your boat will sink soon.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None