Fidget Spinner Ninja Hero Crime Fighter

Fidget Spinner Ninja Hero Crime Fighter is the most amazing and the most ultimate fidget ninja fighter 3D game; you have played with the most realistic breathtaking 3D animations and HD Graphics. The amazing city environment with the most thrilling and vigorous mafia gangster of the world, bank robbers. Three players to choose from the most trained elite ninja master death warriors. Use your kicks and punches along the Cutthroat sharp fidget spinner and prove your ability to fight the gangsters and rescue the Civilian. Your hero has the power to attack the enemy with more than one Cutthroat sharp fidget spinners. Gangsters also have the power of the thronging the fidget spinner. Fidget spinner Frisbee will be the ultimate weapon of the Fidget Spinner Ninja Hero Crime Fighter. Game Play: The city is overhunted by the Gangsters and they are killing the innocent civilians with their Money powers and deadly weapons. They are forcing the people to become slaves and work for them. The city is in need of a Hero. Who can help them to get rid of the Gangsters? Are you a hero? Become the hero your city is in need of. Use your ninja training to kill the gangsters. You have the most elite ninja master death warriors training use it against the gangsters. Beware of the fidget spinner's gangster's trough at you because they can be really harmful. You also have the super power of thronging the spinners at them as well and you can through multiple Fidget Spinner at the same time. Fidget Spinner Ninja Hero Crime Fighter contains the following missions.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None