Sniper Fury Assassin 3D Gun Killer Shooting Games

Sniper Fury Assassin 3D Gun Killer Shooting Games is a world war 3D game the game storyline allows the user has to invade enemy terrains and gain the charge of the whole area by killing maximum number of soldiers. The game provides true to life user experience with accurate and advanced weaponry. The user will be given the mission to invade multiple military base camps. Take the ultimate honor in serving the most renowned military companies like Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The game is designed in a way that it clearly challenges the elite skill of sniper shooter as he/she has to aim the target and takes his shot. The game gets tougher in higher stages so concept of the game is to not only provide the user a challenging gameplay but enhance the skill of the user to shoot the target. Here are some highlighting features of the game: Ultra High Definition (HD) Display. War Based Sound Effects (SFX). Specialized Visual Effects (VFX). Specialized Simulated shooting environment. Aim, Shot and Reload with in no time. Hide on the top of city building and take shots like a city sniper. Advanced Snipers riffles that have been featured like: M14 rifle. M21 Sniper Weapon System. M24 Sniper Weapon System. M25 Sniper Weapon System. T-12 Sniper Rifle. Accurate Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine. Intense battles in Modern Warfare and Guerrilla Warfare. World War 1 and World War 2 like missions. Hit targets from mountain like a Mountain Sniper. Advanced maps and terrains. The user will have following items in his/her ammo bag: Pistols. Armors. Medical Kit. Guns. Flame Thrower. Dagger. Poison Gas. Mortars. Detonators. Machineguns. Russian, British and American army base camps to invade. Accurate and efficient physics engine. Weather engine to make various climatic conditions and scenarios. Create ambush to trap military convoy. Destroys variety of military settlements like: Tanks. Gunships. Helicopters. Aircraft. Army Trucks. Army Vans. Machineguns. Artillery Depot. Don't let the enemy force to invade the land so kill the paratroopers before they land. Advanced zoom in and zoom out options. Perform Cop Missions and serve the Police as a Cop Sniper. Accurate gunshots effects. Variety of animations like Bullets animations. Hit the aircraft from the ground.
Operating System Android