Grand Mafia Gang Rivals Street Gangster War Hero

In russian mafia gang rivals, it's about taking out your rival gangsters and to be the last gangster hero standing. You will be fighting in the street war against rival gangs alone. Each gang has its unique fighting strategy, so learn they flaws and outlast each gang to be the last standing grand gangster hero. In russian mafia gang rivals, the street is your playground and you are the baddest grand gangster of them all. This game brings you in the street of vegas, which is full of your rival gangs, cops, and special forces. Show them why you a called the baddest russian gangster who walked in the street vegas. In this lawless city, where the police are afraid of the thugs who run the city and create chaos in city. It's creating a lot of problems for the citizen of city, so the high-rank officers have decided to send an undercover agent in the mafia cartel street to clean the street of vegas from all the criminals and their activities. They have hired you to be they undercover agent as you were the best in gangsta of your time. You have been on the street for a long time now and have created the buzz among the underworld empire. You have to be a mole and finish each gang as you know there are more gangs and less time. Be the russian grand gangster hero by cleaning the streets from all the gangs and their criminal activities. Don't let the innocent people get hurt or rob. Wander through the streets of vegas and take out the bad guys. Protect the innocent citizen. The city has gone from bad to worse the police and specials forces can't handle it anymore. It's all depending on you, it's time you hop in and show them who the boss is. The gangsta world has been disturbed by the rage of gangs and the hell has broken loose!! This turns to be hurtful for innocent people who are being killed during mob wars. You have been in the underworld empire business for a long time but never hurt anyone innocent or create problems for city. But now the underworld empire has turn worse so you decided to be the mole of police and do the work and clean the city to be the unsung gangsta hero.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None