Zombie Shooting Dead War

Enter the level, fight with the zombies, aim and shoot, then. Make full use of the walls to hide yourself to avoid the enemy's damage. Collect all kinds of props to strengthen themselves, when their own damage by the enemy will not lead to death. Feature: > Completely free, People love so much> Summon Boss Advance irresistibly> Violent shooting invigoration fighting> Call the partner to make the fight more passionate> Once you start playing, your fingers will not stopHow to play: Use double rocker operation. easy to control, target. Walk through the virtual joystick control. Each upgrade will randomly appear skills upgrade. you must control the lever to control the direction and attack the enemy, rather than sliding through your own click. Be very careful to pay attention to the sudden appearance of the enemy. Do not wait for more to download now Zombie Shooting Dead War.
Operating System Android