Monster Superhero Street Fighters

Monster Superhero City Fighter As the shadow of the blackest night falls on every country and city. And now your city is under threat, the gang of criminals appeared in your city and they make crimes and threaten entire population and only our monster hero can stop it. In this situation, it's up to you to act as a defender of the people. Become amazing monster superhero champion in this monster superhero champions game of this highly anticipated super heroes' games. Become citizen peoples hope, but know this; peace can only be restored with a strategic mind. Get ready for intense wild action, using high level deadly weapons and super powers to eliminate entire gangsters. Experience the ultimate role-playing action game packed with your best wildest superhero legends and be the most courageous and fearless hero to explore the crime city. Become civilians hope as a doom knight in city adventure full of crime-fighting and non-stop action. Play this amazing monster bulk super heroes fighting action packed game as a fury wild hero, faces off against the rivals and rampaging gangs. Wild your way with your hard fury attacks and explore the crime city full of gangs and aggressive while using your amazing skills to save the peaceful city. fight against enemies and make yourself hope of citizen as a standard of pure law and justice. Enter the universe of superheroes legends, construct your own allegiance of the Justice and unleash the powerful fighting style. new Superhero champions delivers brand new tons of exciting levels with different game-play and the amazing look and unique fighting style. It's all levels need different strategy to accomplished. So as a real-world hero legend enter the arena, fight against villains, finish their terror from city and become the ultimate fighter in superheroes fighting game to complete all the quiets. The monster heroes fighting legends game delivers best-in-class graphics on your android phone with entertaining adventures of bulk hero in beautiful city. Determine the fate of the whole city with the monster super heroes' power. It best street heroes fight game allows you to entertain yourself with its real life recorded sound effects and enjoy hours of fun and entertaining game-play. Monster Superhero Key Features: Real feel of monster robot transformationIncredible High-quality 3D graphics and superb city environmentRealistic sound effectsSurprise attack and perfect killing effects of enemiesAmazing super fight with numerous amalgam of thumpsAssemble team of superheroes and choose anyone you wantComplete all missions to become the ultimate championOvercome all the obstacles on your way to gloryUse your destructive weapon against the city criminalsvery Smooth and intuitive controlsReal movementsSuper blows and weapons like an axe, bat or even powerful fittingsOne man army in war as a front-line commando.
Operating System Android