Lion Hunter Sniper Safari - Animal Hunting Game

Lion Hunter Sniper Safari 3D is an incredible hunting game to hunt wild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest shooting game with dangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world. Lion Hunter Sniper Safari offers you the unique game-play that you can hunt lions in jungle wilderness with realistic graphics of jungle and life of jungle. Hunting jungle animals is free fun when one is a professional hunter as an unprofessional will expose his life in trying to kill energetic creatures. As you know the lion is the king of jungle and the the lion king is very sharp animal and you also know the running speed of lion is very fast so deal with lion in jungle very carefully because they have ability to attack on you when you want to shot the lion completely set your aim on target lion for shot to kill. if you miss the shot then lion run away or climb away from targeted position now they try to attack on you before they attack on you shot them otherwise they will kill you. Just Like a Sniper hunting game, lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills to kill and trap Lions and other animals. Moreover, lions chasing other animals as a prey and hunt them makes the game even more challenging. Do you have what it takes to become a hunting legend? Play this animal shooting game, just like a real lion hunter, improve your hunting skills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wild animals. It's Open Season, return to wilderness to hunting jungle animals. Lion Sniper Hunting game is a fun when one is a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts. In this lion hunting simulator, there is a valley with surrounded by mountains and rivers. There are lions roaming around to look for prey. You are a lion hunter who shoot and kill lions. You can see around and aim from your sniper gun to shoot the lion. If your fire is missed, the lion will come toward you and you can become his prey. You are equipped with Sniper gun and, you have to survive with your accurate firing tactics. Lion shooting game is an unforgettable adventure for real hunters, where you will meet face to face with wild animals and hunt them. If you are an animal hunter - get your gear and go hunting right now. Grab your hunting rifle, jump into the jungle for animals hunting on your way to Safari to hunt various animals in indigenous to Africa. Lion Hunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipers and other modern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, accurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wild animals and can attack on the hunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point. Game Features: Smooth gameplay. Fabulous animations. Simple controls. Real 3D graphics and environment. Best sniper gun for accurate shooting. First Person Sniper 3D Shooting. An ultimate hunting actions. Game play is simple yet entertaining. Well-organized and efficient gun control. Realistic Hunting Environments. Over 30 immersive hunting missions to complete. Dozens of real world weapons and upgrades. No connectivity required while playing. This is very addictive, full of fun and enjoyable. Tips for a successful hunt: 1. Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and can attack people. 2. Keep your eye on the target. 3. Relax, aim and shoot. 4. Use the money earned from hunting to buy new guns that would allow you to get to inaccessible places full of animals. 5. For best shooting results - use the scope. 6. Do not approach your prey too close - you will frighten the animal away. This is the perfect hunter simulator for you to play and it's totally free. Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You.
Operating System Android