Creepy Scary Horror Dungeon VR Experience

Do you have what it takes to enter this horror dungeon full of monsters? Do you have steel nerves and are you not afraid to look the most hideous monsters right in the eyes? Then come on and follow the path through the dark dungeon which will lead you through many scary Chambers and small claustrophobic tunnels. The rooms are filled with evil creeps so try to stay away from them to prevent certain death. These monsters will have a stab at you in virtual reality, so try to stay alive and survive. Can you make it to the end without looking away in fear? Then you truly are a brave person to survive this mad ghost house. This horror VR experience is fun to show your friends to see if you can scare each other. New dungeons and interactivity will be added later. For now, sit tight and scream as much as you want as you wander through the dark deep dungeon rooms of this evil residence.
Operating System Android