SuperHeroes Fight Robots

Superheroes fight robot game is specially designed for robot and superheroes game lover. Incredible and powerful superheroes like Mr. Hero, Super Hero, Bat Hero, Monster Hero, iron hero, Spider hero and amazing action robots are fighting each other in different amazing environment. If you like futuristic robot battle, futuristic robot, superheroes vs robots, superhero games, robot games, and best fighting games you will love this superhero simulator. It is not normal wrestling game or fighting game where different super fighters fight with each other but in this game you are going to see punching, super kicking, blocking and super combo to take down opponents by superheroes or crazy robots to their last breath. Ultimate Robot Fighting game and Superheroes fighting game is here. Start your Robot boxing NOW. Maxims Prime action packed robot fight game. GAMEPLAYSimple and wonderful gameplay ready to rock. There are five members in a team. Select any Superhero team or amazing robot team as player to put them on ground and let the excitement begin. Control your fabulous fighter and destroy your opponent in these new and free action games in the era of fighting games. This advanced 1-On-1 fighting will give you the real fighting skills and entertainment. In this spectacular and ring combat games, you will test your controlling skills of superhero or amazing robots and their super Combos. ULTIMATE BATTLEFinal Rounds will be more difficult as enemies will become more powerful. Choose your Hero vs Villains in robot real fighting and mutant hero war. Try to kick out the opponent with perfect power and without getting a single hit. These monster heroes and bots fighters have fully action packed powers with punching kicking and striking. FEATURES: Ultimate Fighting System. Futuristic game Environment. Superheroes and Robot fighters. Realistic Sound Effects and smooth controls. 10 most challenging and thrilling levels. Snow, Hill, Jungle and Desert environmentYou will love the features of all other action games and ring fighting games in this Superheroes Fighting robots game. You will definitely love this Ring Fighting because we have added the features of both boxing games fight and battle games with extreme sports simulator of Superheroes. You are in a real boxing arena, so don't forget to use your devastating skills in this brutal fight.
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