Shoot Girl's Fruits : Archery

Shoot Girls Fruits: Archery OR Gulel 2 is a sequel game for Shoot Girl's Fruits: Gulel. Gulel i.e. Slingshot is replaced by Bow and Arrow in this game. So you will use your archery skills instead of stone shooting by a slingshot. HOW TO PLAY: This time you have unlimited arrows for your archer in gulel2. There are many attacker birds holding canons or mortars. Shoot them too to survive the round. Get a bonus of 100 scores by shooting same type of fruits three times without killing the bird holding that fruit. If you shoot down fruits or the birds you will get 1 score & 1 coin but make sure not to let the birds take away three fruits else game over. There are different types of arrows available: Triple Arrows: Three shots in a go. Row Arrows: Three shots one by oneStrong Arrows: One shot kill arrow. You can submit your score to compete with your friends for high score. If you feel like shooting everything in sight then enjoy shooting the birds as well but be careful as you will lose your girl's fruit if the bird gets hit. Kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women of all ages can play this game. This is a complete fun package for family, party, office, solo, school, college whatever is the place, time, location, you can enjoy this game anytime anywhere. Go get it now.
Operating System Android