Monster super hero superhero city robots battle 3d

Earth is under attack. Monster alien with their great alliance like-transformer, futuristic robots, flying robots and real mech robots have strike a steel attack on the urban city. Alien want to rise their strength. These Robots want the transformation of your land now its time to be like a incredible real hunk and monster super hero. Do you like super Heroes Games? crazy Monster warriors are ready to fight. Last and final battle between super heroes vs. monsters. You are the action hero so fight for the future of your innocent people. Monster robots have opened the great strike against your beloved modern city. Fight like a super big hero and real steel man. Monster super hero: legends war is the best fighting games for boys, girls and kids. you have to fight like a hero in this legend arena among monsters and super-heroes legends. Be a Monster super Hero in incredible City Battle to fight like a legend hero and become a real avenger in this amazing crazy battle. What should you do if your city had been attacked by most dangerous criminals robots and mafia alien and allied robots? Get ready for the battle against these criminals and also against Miami crime and Vegas city bad gangsters. You have to play your role like a Monster Hero with super amazing power skills where Monster Hero fights, catch and smashing faces of the gangsters. Evil terrorist villains, Robots have again attacked your city with a plan of overtaking it. Be a monster Hero and fights against these mutant crime warrior in final battle which is called the mission of heroes. Protect your city from these sinister evil and exponential bloody evils. Would you be able to defeat these super villains? So who's the super hero who will save the city. Try yourself in the role of a City Hero and show some of your dynamic simulator fighting skills. Super hero avenger are ready for final and last fight. Give them some super powerful hit, what would you do if you stand between heroes alliance. fight for your people. Clash against these monsters. The last and final battle of Heroes vs. Monsters. You are last hope so shoot the monster. Be a superhero against these criminal robots and murderer. Safe your city. In this game you will experienced the match battles between super heroes and monster warfare warriors. Don't let them escape, crush these monsters in this non-stop superhero fighting thrill and action game with a lots of super and marvelous smashing levels. You are the jet pack fearless fighter and super hero in resistance mod like a Hero of final war. You can show your ultimate fighting skill. "Legends storm studios" present for you best, top and free comic mobile game-s of 2017. Monster super hero: legends war is the game about infinity and injustice of these mech and transformer robo war of robots and cops. So are you ready for hero battle games or Superhero fighting games? Monster super hero: legends war game latest featureEpic multiple level full of adventureSuperhero use the special super powersFlying, jumping and fighting and Dc super powersFight hand to hand and use the special powers.
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