Ultraman Hero: Galaxy Rumble

Join legendary superhero and fight with monsters. Start a new adventure and stop alien invasion. This new war can take a millions of victims and consume all energy resources of Earth. To combat the aliens arrived ultra hero. He is the only one in the world, who can smash monsters of any size. And now, in the face of the relentless galactic threat he should stand as Earth's last hope. Ultimate goal is to protect the Earth. Earth has been an arena of the galactic wars for quite a long time. But the end of this clash is not nigh. Fight till the end and protect humanity. The further you go the stronger your enemies. A new generation of enemies are getting stronger and mightier. Develop your own superhero's skills to defeat them and win the war. Fight those who threaten the peace. Get ready for the ultimate battle against alien invasion. They will leave only chaos and destruction around behind. Stop them.
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