Super Spider War hero: Legacy Survival Shooter

Get ready for action filled 3D free to play super stealth spider war hero gun shooting game. This game gives you an opportunity to leave a legacy of a sniper shooter. Based in a breathtaking 3D train station environment this game will make you fall in love with gun shooting action games. Face, fight & kill terrorists who have attacked your city & turned your peaceful city into a frontier, a frontline. Show off your astounding tactical shooting and fighting skills in super spider anti terrorist war. Use your distinct powers of demolition and destruction for protection of your city. Kill your enemy brutally and defend civilians by using supernatural rope and web. Be the only strange super hero mutant spider of your city and let no other one to destroy it. Your city was attacked by brutal vice terrorists resulting in panic among the citizens. Military army with the help of special counter terrorist forces equipped with modern weapons & guns took action against the vice villain terrorists & counter attacked by shooting on the right time. Terrorists faced heavy retaliation in the form of gun shooting from the military army special counter terrorist forces & took a lot of damage which forced them to escape the battle & run for their lives. Vice villain terrorists are running towards the train station to hijack a train in order to escape. Military army has asked you to help them finish this battle & win this war against the evil terrorists. Use your incredible spider super mutant strange powers, rope & spider web to defend your city as the survival of your city depends on it. Military army special forces are looking up to you to put an end to the terrorism once & for all by killing all the terrorists. To help you with this special ops mission military army has decided to provide you with modern weapons & guns. You will face a lot of challenges you have to defend yourself and your city by using your supernatural strange mutant spider powers and survival stealth shooting skills. Combat your enemy with courage & strike hard to kill all the ruthless villain terrorist. Don't allow the villain antagonist to counter your attacks in order to save your city & to increase the chances of your survival. Remember that your enemy is equipped with modern weapons and guns along with commando sniper shooters so expect a lot gun shooting in this special ops mission. Aim and shoot accurately at the right time as the survival of city & your people depends on it. Kill all the vice villain terrorists to restore the peace of your city & to put an end to the terrorism. By killing them not only will you save your city but will also emerge as a true hero. Military army is depending on your supernatural strange mutant spider skills to win this war so lock & load your modern gun & weapons & jump into the heat of action to prove that you are the best sniper shooter, marksman & rifleman.
Operating System Android