Super Rope Hero Spider vs Ninja Battle Escape

Get ready to experience true thrilling action packed open world 3D simulation fight of stealth spider hero VS evil ninja. You have to prove yourself as the best incredible spider super hero in this free to roam game. The strange ninja enemy will shoot, fight & combat to attack with the help of other ruthless terrorists, gangsters & criminals to terrify your people & take over your city. Get ready for an ultimate war against these vice enemies with all your modern weapons & supernatural rope powers to rescue & save your people in this critical mission. In this fighting battlefield you have to be a true hero stealth mutant spider to defeat evil enemies. The city survival depends upon you since ninja & other terrorist enemies are brutally gun shooting & fighting innocent people. You will have an amazing experience of super hero fighting in a realistic free roam war rescue game. It's time to get into ultimate fighting action to make the city free from terrorist activities. Unexpected combat gun shooting is happening army military have alerted the incredible spider to be ready for hunting spree & defeat vice ninja enemy terrorists & criminals. Now you have stealth super moves & modern guns to strike hard at enemy. Climb buildings around the dangerous war zone to fight the enemy since terrorist are brutally gun striking from gunship helicopters. Get ready to use your elite war fighting & sniper shooting skills to defeat these lethal enemies in battle arena & the frontline. Hunt & move around to spot & target the shadow ninja enemy for city survival. This elite commando spider battle will let you become a true warrior sniper hero to destroy, fight & defeat rival criminals. Get ready for the ultimate thrill & adventure filled super spider fight against ninja to make the city anti-crime & peaceful. You are well trained for this special mission so perform your duties as the elite commando army military superhero. There will be nonstop combat gun shooting so battle with all your supernatural rope powers & fighting abilities to defeat the vice ninja terrorist enemies squad. Features: Challenging & addictive game missions. Amazing & exciting gameplay. High quality 3D graphics. Thrilling & outstanding sound effects.
Operating System Android