Modern Sniper Combat FPS Game

Get ready to step in the ultimate & thrilling modern commando army sniper combat shooting action packed 3D game. In this free to play FPS first person shooter action game you will experience intense gun shooting & lethal attacks of vice enemies. You are not an ordinary army sniper shooter assassin as you have to fight your way out & escape the high security Alcatraz type prison by brutally killing every soldier enemy hidden around the city. It's time to use your army sniper shooter assassin survival & shooting skills to hold aim & shoot the enemy commando soldiers in order to break out of the prison jail. You are a war prisoner which means you are very important to the enemy as you have all the secret information of your army military. You need to break out of the jail & escape the prison at all costs. This intense special ops mission of escaping the jail prison & sniper killing contains unlimited challenges that you'll have to overcome in order to be free to chase your freedom again. Get ready to use your special modern sniper weapons & guns to counter & attack enemies for your freedom & survival. The prison is on high alert & the evil warden has assigned all the prison security guard & prison sniper shooters one job that is to take you down if you try to break out, escape & runaway. You an elite commando army sniper shooter assassin is stuck in the prison jail with high security measures like cctv cameras, prison sniper shooters, k9 dogs etc.Your escape will be difficult but don't surrender yet use your stealth survival & army sniper shooter assassin skills to combat, shoot & kill every enemy you spot. You have major responsibility to hunt & ruthlessly kill these enemy soldiers in this gun shooting battle arena. Be a stealth sniper killer assassin as you escape prison jail to hold aim & gun strike & destroy soldier enemies. Time is running fast so move forward & battle with your ultimate shooting techniques. You'll face a lot of gun shooting in this special ops mission so be ready to counter enemy attacks & strike hard in order to ensure your survival & the success of you special ops mission. Download now to get the real feel as a true army sniper shooter hero in this free to play action game. This is a thrilling & adventure filled action game that will let you enhance your shooting skills & abilities. Be a part of stealth commando special ops mission to prove that you're the best army sniper shooter, rifleman & marksman. Features: Plenty of challenging missions. Intense FPS gun shooting gameplay. Outstanding HD graphics. Top Notch sound effects. Eventful 3D environment.
Operating System Android