Incredible Monster - Jungle Prison Escape

Get ready to free the incredible super hero monster from horrible high security jungle prison & to escape for survival. This incredible super hero stealth survival adventure game will make you fall in love with jail break games. It allows you to experience fearlessly escaping & breaking out from a prison jail based in an eventful 3D gloomy jungle environment full of security, snakes & wild animals. Your life is important as you are the mutant incredible hero who always defends his city against all sort of criminals & villains like vice terrorists, robbers, murderers & mafia gangsters. The frontier of jungle jail is surrounded by vice terrorist criminal guards & gangster sniper shooters who are equipped with modern weapons & guns. Use your super natural powers to survive and break out from this ruthless brutal & lethal jungle prison jail in this free to play stealth action survival prison escape game. Jungle prison is full of ruthless criminals & you have to run away from the jail & escape it like an incredible hero mutant strange monster. Your survival depends on your combat fighting, gun shooting & war survival skills so use your skills & give this escape mission all you've got to make it a grand legend that will be cherished forever. You are incredible monster super hero and were caught by global alliance of evil terrorists, vice gangsters and villain criminals. Jungle prison is far away from city and you are alone in this battle of prison escape & jail survival. You do not have any modern weapon and guns to use but you can use your stealth skills & kill the enemy security guards & shooters in stealthy way. Once you have taken down the terrorist enemy vice guard & shooters you pick up their weapons & guns & use them to ensure your survival & to successfully break out of the jail prison. Move around in a stealthy manner to stay unnoticed. Stealth is the key to success in this prison escape jail survival special ops mission. Vice gangsters & ruthless terrorists are equipped with modern weapons & guns & they won't hesitate to use them against you. Which means you'll face a lot of gun shooting while trying to execute your ultimate fluchtplan, escape plan & chase your freedom. Kill all prison guards who are villain terrorists and vice gangsters by your supernatural hero power & combat fighting shooting skills. Strike swiftly & silently to increase your chances of survival. Counter enemy attacks to successfully escape from the prison jail & runaway to regain your freedom. You'll have to overcome a lot of hurdles in order to successfully escape & regain your freedom like cctv cameras, patrol cars, k9 dogs, guards & sniper shooters. Kill your enemy brutally by ruthless & lethal weapons & guns shooting. Don't let them survive or counter attack at any cost because your survival is important for people of your city as you are the only hero who can save them from the global alliance of terrorist special force & vice criminal gangsters. This is not an easy task to achieve & this escape survival mission will push you to your limits so give it all you've got & escape to regain your freedom & to save your people & city from the vice global alliance of terrorist special force & criminal gangsters like a true super hero.
Operating System Android