Flying Spider Strange Hero War

From time to time by losing a battle you will find a new approach to win the war. The battle of flying spider strange hero war has started. Explore an extreme crime city and become the light of hope for the citizens. This game is full of 3D action in an open world city where you can free roam with plenty of missions to complete. This game is a true simulation of a busy city in need of a hero. Flying spider mutant hero has strange abilities, super powers & skills to kill vice criminals, ruthless gangsters, street thugs and terrorist by brutal stealth action, hand to hand combat & gun shooting. Supernatural mutant rope is a deadly weapon to overcome crime in your city. Mutant strange rope is helpful in war and battle. Dynamic super mutant strange spider hero mobility & skills helps to rescue injured citizens, fight crime & help military army, police & other special forces like navy in war & special ops missions. All these skills & traits along with your supernatural spider abilities and super strange mutant hero powers makes you the hero you are. Military army & police has asked for your help in a special ops mission because vice criminals & terrorists have formed an alliance to wage a war against your city. The citizens are scared & demand security. Help the special forces unleash their wrath on the ruthless brutal enemy. Use your fighting & combat skills to kill the evil enemy in order to put an end to the games they are playing. Along with your super powers you have modern weapons & guns like sniper rifle & m4a1 provided by the special forces. Use them to strike hard at the enemy. Shooting at the right time with perfect aim will help you win this battle. Prove that you are the best shooter by killing all the enemies. Everyone believes that you are the best rifleman & marksman which means they expect a lot from you. Fulfill their expections by shooting & fighting fearlessly. Fly around the city, climb building or fight crime on the busy roads full of traffic. There is plenty to do in this free to play action game. Features- Fly, fight & shoot in a single game- Plenty of weapons & guns- Breathtaking city open world environment - Top-notch sound effects - Free roam in an eventful city full of pedestrians, citizens & traffic.
Operating System Android