Flying Robot War Hero Survival

Get ready for thrilling action filled adventure in this free to play 3D simulation flying war mech robot super hero survival game. Unleash your inner super hero for a special ops mission & control realistic, incredible & monster steel battle mech robots. You will definitely enjoy real time shooting, battle, fighting & war of robots like a true super hero soldier commando in this free to play open world free to roam game. Transform your superhero abilities & skills to enhance your gameplay techniques. Robots can fly stealthy high to dangerous and unwanted places just like super strange mutant spider heroes. Just like a true furious iron ore steel battle mech monster when it is in the air during the war. Experience the true heat of action in this warrior mech robots ultimate war arena. As a war hero super flying robot you are the guardian of your city. The peace of your city is in your hands. You have saved & defended your city from street thugs, mafia gangsters, evil terrorists & villain criminals before but this time it's different. The enemy is not only here for a war & to take over your city but he also want to capture you. Enemy terrorists are roaming on the streets of your city terrorizing the residents & pedestrians of the roads. Evil terrorists have formed an alliance with street thugs & mafia gangsters & they plan on taking over your city. Enemy terrorists are equipped with modern weapons & guns so be ready to face a lot of gun shooting. Fly your mech robot as high as you can for fighting evil terrorists in this ultimate robot fighting arena. You are the super flying war robot hero trusted by the whole city & your military army which means you are going to play an important role in this war against the enemy terrorists. When you are in the air, you're just like a flying aircraft gunship war machine. Flying steel robot battle mech hero is introduced in battle ship war to save the city from terrorists. It is most killer wanted and realistic weapon to destroy enemy during war & shooting. Criminals like gangsters, mafia and street thugs desperately trying to steal it from super hero soldiers. Flying robots are completely under full protection of red zone of soldiers & navy military for survival. Soldier heroes are well equipped with modern weapons like riffle, sniper, pistol, AK47, grenades and mech arena. Now, gangster's mafia arranged meeting for attempting to steal flying robot war hero survival from red zone. They start their vehicle and move towards that place where they have to steal flying robots in very furious and futuristic way. Is it possible for them to take flying robot war hero from red zone? Fly like a true hero to save your city from evil terrorists & to stop them from taking you as a hostage or capturing you. You are the hero this city looks up to & deserves. Rely on you gun shooting & flying skills to kill all the terrorists in order to save your city like a true iron ore battle mech steel robot.
Operating System Android