Zombies City Survival Hero FPS

Get ready to embark on a gun shooting filled adventure to go on a killing spree in this free to play 3D zombie gun shooting action survival game. Go on a mission to kill zombies in order to save your city. Set in a beautiful immersive 3D environment this game plenty of levels & missions to keep you hooked to your phone for hours. Choose form a variety of modern weapons & guns & kill every single zombie you spot. Kill all the zombies to stop the viral infection of zombie virus from spreading like a true hero in this thrilling action filled game. Your city needs you as it is filled with zombies & mummies. Pick up your modern weapons & guns & shoot your way to victory by killing all the zombies to save your city from the killing virus & infection like a true super hero. Your city was a perfectly fine place. There used to traffic in the roads, kids in the parks, pedestrians on the sidewalks but it's not the same anywhere. Out of nowhere a viral infection spread in your city & turned the whole population into dead that walked. These dead zombies started biting the living which made the spreading of the zombie virus possible. Before all this happened you used to be a military soldier army commando who went to various wars & armored warfare. Who used to spend most of his time on the frontline securing the frontier. You were from the military army elite counter terrorist unit which means you were trained fully to combat dangerous terrorists. Your skills included gun shooting, hand to hand combat, melee weapons, war fighting & survival. Because of you previous training & skills you have saved yourself up till now from being bitten & infected by the killing zombie virus. It's your job now to put an end to this apocalypse by killing all the zombies using your modern weapons & guns provided by the military army. It's the only mission you have now & this is the most important battle you are ever going to be in. Shoot your way through zombies & strike as hard as possible in order to kill all the zombies along with the killing zombie virus & viral infection in this thrilling first person shooter FPS game. This game is the ultimate zombie shooting & killing arena & you are on a mission to kill all the zombies to save you city. Use your various guns, grenades, flash bangs & modern weapons to kill all the zombies through plenty of levels & missions. Shooting is the only way to survive & with this combat. Perfect aiming & swift shooting is the key to success in this mission. Be the hero your city needs & kill all the zombies to prove that you are the best, rifleman, marksman & sniper shooter. Use You military army skill & put an end to zombies, mummies & the killing zombie virus infection once and for all like a true gun shooter hero.
Operating System Android