Critical Terrorism Shoot Strike War: FPS Game

Get yourself ready for an exciting action packed shooting warship FPS game that you have never experienced before. In this realistic critical navy warship environment you will be able to combat shoot & assassin the vice terrorists, gangsters & mafia in brutal way. You are a true war frontier hero who has been fighting with enemies for peace & survival of country so once again be ready to gun shoot strike in armed military navy carrier ship. It's time to eradicate terrorism in this thrilling 3D simulator super hero action game. This special killer critical shooting special ops mission has lots of challenges & difficulties to battle so prepare yourself to fight like a true army sniper war hero. Your navy army military aircraft carrier ship has been ruthlessly attacked by evil terrorists & enemies to promote terrorism. Now get ready to critical counter gun shoot attack with incredible strategic skills & abilities. You are well equipped with modern gun weapons to hold aim, target & assassin shoot these global terrorist in critical war situation. Don't let any killer gangster mafia terrorist assassin escape since it's your responsibility to save & secure your country. As a true military war strike superhero you have to win this battle at any cost since a lot of destruction & brutal killing has been done. This first person shooting game is full of endless terrorist gun shoot assassin attack so be ready to experience a lot of gun shooting action & accomplish this ultimate stealth navy war mission. The entire world is encountering with critical terrorism every day that has not only ruthlessly killed innocent people but has left deep terror impact on people. It's your duty as a good soldier navy war hero to assassinate every single terrorist, gangster & vice mafia to overcome terrorism in this free to play game. Your aircraft carrier ship is armed with modern weapons & guns so get ready to entertain yourself with the best FPS action game of 2017. Features: Addictive & unlimited shooting. Realistic & challenging warship environment. High quality HD graphics. Thrilling & outstanding sound effects. Real time terrorist gun attacks.
Operating System Android