Sniper Rage

The sniper rage is one of the best action packed 3D FPS sniper game of 2017, with all the features of real commando shooting games. Experience the most realistic shooting simulation in the modern sniper shooting arena and be the best commando shooter ever. Kill the enemy elite force shooters by performing the best sniper kill shots and enjoy the real thrilling action in the best android game. You are on special secret mission, so be a silent killer commando and use the accurate kill shoots to take down the enemy elite force commandos. Accuracy will really matter in this sniper shooting game, as you have limited ammo left, so take the best sniper head shots with maximum accuracy and don't waster a single bullet. The front line strike is on peak and you are the only hope left in this commando silent shooter game. So brace yourself for the ultimate shooting adventure and enter in the world of real 3D sniper shooting adventure. Use your special commando training skills to win this sniper rage challenge. Consider yourself the best gorilla commando ever while playing this sniper shooting game and get rid of all other creepy commando shooting games. Use the best top positions to kill the enemy elite snipers while playing this 3D FPS game. The commando game is specially designed for the best silent shooters with breathtaking challenging missions. So enjoy the most thrilling spy missions and play the best commando games ever. There are many enemy SSG commandos in the base camp and they are trying to kill you at any cost. So be ready for heavy counter combat with enemy commando elite force and use the gorilla commando skills to bypass all the hurdles and win this xtreme survival mission. Keep your head low during heavy counter fire and use the perfect sniper shots to hunt down the rival shooters. Sniper Rage is an ultimate spy commando game in which you have to do multiple challenging missions. First of all, disable the base camp security by breaking the watch tower defense system using the killer gun shots. As a front line elite shooter, you have to go on the front and then take down the watch tower guardian snipers by performing the accurate sniper headshots. The desert sniper game is based on realistic sniper shooting adventure in the beautiful desert terrain. Use your machines guns and sniper rifles to kill all the enemy assassins which are continuously guarding the base camp. Perform your duty as a spy agent and be the best silent killer agent of SSG force. Win this thrilling commando shooting game by using your special gorilla commando skills and become the best shooter of the 3D simulated world by performing the extreme kill shot action.
Operating System Android