Sharp Shooter Traffic Hunter

You have been hired as a professional sharp shooter to aim at the traffic and hunt for the terrorists escaping in the cars through the city highways, as these high profile enemies have taken the city under control and as a professional sniper sharp shooter and traffic hunter you are called to defeat the enemies, take your sniper gadget and set out the fierce battle. Take you aim and shoot to kill the terrorists riding in speedy dodging cars. You have to destroy these high profile syndicate targets with your sniper gear and show the modern skill of sniping in sharp shooter traffic hunter, once you destroy there are waves of enemy attacks, you have to survive the hot shooting in this deadly frontline sharp shooter traffic hunter battle. Sharp Shooter Traffic Hunter will take you on the whirlwind tour of Highway Mountain to watch the underworld terrorists on the move. You are a specialist traffic hunter and shooter with modern skills to play your part in this dangerous assassin mission. Use your marksman skills with kill shot sniper rifle, your marksman skills will lead you to success, take your best headshot. The escaping terrorists are disguised and using local cars and transporting in police cars, trucks, taxis and other vehicles, your task as traffic hunter and sniper sharp shooter is to blow them, you can detect them by judging cars speed other than normal traffic. Hold your sniper gear, keep steady and hold your breath and fire at will from your sniper gun to eliminate and destroy the fleeing criminal in cars taking cover as camouflage in between the highway mountain traffic trail. As an expert hired assassin fury and military killer sniper your job is to eliminate the high profile rouge targets and kill the syndicate vortex escaping in the traffic. Sharp shooter traffic hunter gives you the opportunity to kill police vans, cars, tanks, military vehicles, trucks and criminals escaping through the highway road. Sharp shooter traffic hunter mission code is your top priority, be a bravo traffic sniper kill shot modern assassin killer and hunter and finish your job. Prove that you have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot down the cars running in between the normal traffic on city highways, don't go behind enemy lines as it will make your work hard. Eliminate enemies with cars at street level or take out the each single high-profile target.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None