Helicopter Apache Air Battle

Helicopter Apache Air Battle Engage towards your enemy and destroy the important targets, take the cockpit and fly your helicopter, play apache air battle, it's the final call for the battlefield, take the dominance in air strike to nail down the enemies! This Helicopter Apache Air Battle 3D is an ultimate, battle helicopter simulation game, take control of the most advanced Apache Cobra helicopter loaded with gunships and hovering over the red canyon for surveillance, report to airbase, submerge and simulate straight into the frontline battlefield as you know the are art of modern warfare and engage yourself in the war on terrorism and eliminate all your enemies. Your Spartan squad is ready and as an ace pilot and helicopter simulator of gunship cobra apache, the air force is alert and your wingmen already airborne and simulating the gunship cobra helicopters as a backup surgical strike into the battlefield, now your job is to get the dominance against the enormous enemy as they are fully prepared for an attack through armed forces. The enormous enemy is fully equipped with panzer tanks and anti aircraft guns, air force ready for an airstrike with F18, F16, green hornet jet fighters, military base loaded with army snipers and anti air craft guns installed inside the installation and navy battle ships already in deep seas. Your job is to go behind the enemy lines with your wingmen and take down entire enemy and destroy their backbone, derailing military base equipped with heavy artillery and assassin all sharp sniper shooters through Ariel attack.
Operating System Android