Prison Break: The Great Escape

You were handcuffed and sent to a high security prison for a crime that you didn't commit. In prison that sort's a sprawling labyrinth of gangsters, murders, lowlifes, drug dealers and thieves you have to find way out, and maybe then you'll get a chance to prove your innocence. With no friends among his fellow inmates, you must rely only on yourself. Solve the puzzles, discover the hidden objects, manipulate the prisoners and guards, use your skills, do whatever it takes, and become an inmate who destined to escape. An addictive prison escape game. Solve the puzzles and use your skills to escape. Manipulate the prisoners and guards. Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms. Addicting mini puzzles. Do whatever it takes to escape. Escape from maximum security prison. Easy and fun to play. Follow us on Facebook:
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