Spider Hero Police Dog Simulator

Are you ready to play the Spider Hero Police Dog Simulator where you will save the grand city with the help of spider hero and police dog. The rivalry between criminals and spider hero takes a new wind. Use your canine instincts to grab prisoners and save the big city. Help your partner in crime: your mission is to chase robbers and gangster, snuffle out bombs, prevent street crime and help spider hero keep city order! Use your powerful sense of smell, night vision, and strong hearing. Track bad guy's suspects and missing people in various thrilling challenging missions with your fellow Spider hero who have joined police force. The modern city has turned into the crime town and you have to use your sniffing abilities to track down robbers, bombers and secure the city from them. Trained as a dog to find traces to track criminals. Some bad guys and crooks may try to break inside with illegal objects. Catch them before they end up with the bad activity. Spider hero Police dog is an exciting action game where you play as dynamic dog to chase and catch criminals.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None