Adios United States

Adios United States. Fed up with the hard work and poor pay, with Trump in power the United States will be an even more difficult place for immigrants to live. Time has come for hard working immigrants to abandon the U. S. and go home. The Border guards have been happy letting immigrants do all the work they don't want to and refuse to let the immigrants leave. Juan needs your help. Done working in the United States time has come for Juan to go home. Run and shoot to freedom and escape back to your beloved home. Border guards, cactus, wildlife, traps, and other surprises will make your journey difficult so be ready. Juan has up to three weapons to help fight your enemy's; make sure to use the most powerful weapon in the toughest situations. Experience freedom and join Juan in his adventure to help him say 'Adios' to the United States. The adventure through the desert will be a difficult one; are you up to the test? Hero of all Hero's. Juan. Despicable border guards, cactus, traps, and even zombie's trying to stop you. Fun addictive game play. Fantastic Graphics. Purchase weapons by collecting coins. Endless running / jumping / shooting fun. Multiple weapons to chooseFollow us on Facebook. Get news and updates, ask questions or give feedback. We hope you enjoy playing Adios United States. This game contains optional in app purchases.
Operating System Android