ReturnState is a Sci-Fi 2D sprite platformer. You play as Neon, a hero tasked with saving a planet that was invaded by the evil General Tork and his army of alien monsters. Run, jump, and whip your way to victory. Only you can return things to what they once were. RECENTLY ADDEDThe game now offers 3 on screen control sizes; the original size, plus 2 larger ones. For those who couldn't play the game on smaller screens before because the controls were too small, you should be able to do it now without any trouble. Screenshots showing all 3 sizes are in the gallery on this store page. CONTACT MEIf you have any problems playing this game feel free to send me an email, or (for even faster responses) a tweet to @jasoncecrlePLAY AT YOUR OWN PACEYou can run non-stop, hacking and slashing through enemies, or take your time exploring and collecting gems. FOR BOTH PHONES AND TABLETSThe game scales well to various screen sizes and shapes. RESPONSIVE TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLSDesigned as if it were on an 8-bit or 16-bit console, but optimized to play great on a touch screen. ENGLISH ONLY RIGHT NOWThe game is currently only available in English. UPCOMING FEATURES. Localization Into All Major Languages. Full Controller Support. Alternate Retro Color Palettes. Game Cheats. More SecretsIMPORTANT: Please note that this game requires a screen resolution of at least 960x540 to display GUI elements correctly. It may be playable at lower resolutions but it is not officially supported. Follow On Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasoncecrlePrivacy Policy: Terms of Use: ReturnState is a trade mark of Jason Cecrle. All rights reserved.
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