Superhot Ninja With Sauce 3D

Start your superhot adventure with this outstanding Superhot Ninja With Sauce 3D game. Explore fantastically interesting locations armed with different powerful weapon, kill your superhot 'friends' and just enjoy the atmosphere of colorful fighting. Get ready for the extremely new feelings. Grab your melee or shooting weapon and show these superhot ragdoll creatures who's the boss here now. Be accurate, exact and fast to kill as much superhot creatures as possible to win this tournament and prove that you're worth it. Attack them in this fantastic action shooter game and watch your bullets knocking them down. Become really brutal superhot creature. Your first and foremost mission is to stay alive as long as you can. Shot all your glass-like targets accurately and fast. Check two interesting game modes: survival mode, where the rivals wave is infinite, weapons are powerful and time flies really slow; and mission mode, where the number of rivals is rising with every new mission. Step over the dead bodies of your defeated enemies, recharge your gun or grab your katana handier and become the real lord of time. Enjoy this fantastic Superhot Ninja With Sauce 3D game and have fun exploring this sequel. Earn points for each successfully killed superhot creature and unlock new interesting powerful weapons like katana, hammer, sharp shield crossbow, pistol, shotgun, disk thrower and even bottle and watch your rivals falling down. Open fire as fast as it even possible and master your shooting and fighting skills. Superhot Ninja With Sauce 3D features: Ultimate slowmo ninja fighting game. Different kinds of interesting weapons. Wonderfully bright locations for more fun. Check two game modes - survival mode and mission mode. Outstanding 3D graphicsThe time here flows really slow, so enjoy your domination shooting at this strange beings and have fun playing Superhot Ninja With Sauce 3D. Privacy policy: https://kaniwevskyart. wixsite.com/infinitylanestudio/single-post/2017/02/16/INFINITY-LANE-STUDIO-PRIVACY-POLICY.
Operating System Android