Super Kid Spider Hero: Final Battle

A metropolis city found its new neighbor hero, a kid with many superpowers. City's most famous kid, the Super Spider Kid. Kid who can fly in air, can shoot web to catch enemy is the ultimate weapon against grand gangster thing man the mutant villain in city battle. As saver of the city rope hero has to use web in battle with super villains like bat hero, super hero, Mafia boy or fantastic thing man. Use web rope to climb on wall and through web power bomb to kill your opponent with stealth and rule metropolis city full of American citizens. Become ultimate Spider Hero in this anti-terrorist war. As Fly Spider Hero, you have some unique set of skills, like fly in air, shoot web rope to stick yourself with wall, jump from one wall to another or one rooftop to another as you want as a new neighborhood. Shoot web bomb to kill bad guys instantly. Great power brings responsibility, so you have to bring down crime rate in the city. Save humans from mutant villains and transform yourself from poor teen to a super hero. Enjoy spider city action packed game with lots of life saving missions to fight with super villains in the battle in super spider game.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None