F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter

F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter is the best advanced dogfight game, an awesome and addictive air fight game. Become the lord of the skies and fight with the F18 aircraft jet and defeat your enemies and opponents, Destroy Aircraft carriers and try to last as long as possible. So you can download this game and test the addictive experience of air attack battle scenes. Play with the F16 air fighters available in this sky combat game, In this game you will fighting with your friends against enemies and you should protect your country and colleagues, Start playing now and defeat the air attack and test your dogfight skills, Set your fighting strategy and choose the f16 or the f18 air jet in this aircraft fighting game. Choose your prefered aircraft and be the best fighter in the field, choose from several jets such as F18 F16 and other more aircrafts available in this f18 air attack game and destroy aircraft carriers. Just start controlling you Airplanes, shooting destroying the enemies with missiles and machineguns. In F16 Vs F18 game you need a strategy to fight and to win dog fights with air fighters available in this game. you can also choose from several dogfight missions in this game. In this game there is more than 5 modes to fight in the most amazing places and to air attack the enemies and to destroy them with latest weapons, Improve your dog fighting skills by playing this f18 air fighter attack game. Avoid the radars and launch your missiles to the opponents bases and aircraft carriers Features: More than 10+ Air fighters with modern missiles - F16 and F18 and more fighters ready for you - Customized Equipment, Warplanes and missiles to fight enemies. Fight with your friend against the air attack - More than 10+ missions in different areas such as aircraft carriers- Competent performance of the game and great graphics- Easy realistic and smooth controls- High quality environment and realistic AI- Low game size -Exciting Cinematic effects. Download the game now it's free and enjoy it Rate us 5 stars to encourage us improve the game continuously. You will update F16 VS F18 Air Attack Fighter every time, so please give us a feedback in order to improve our game, thank you.
Operating System Android