F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D

F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike 3D is an ultimate jet fighter air combat in an action packed, adventurous air strike fighter jet simulation air war game, proof your self as a supreme lord of the skies and feel the simulation as top gun Navy Air force jet fighter pilot with a call sign of "flying angle"; master your techniques in takeoff from plane combat and land your F18 Jet Fighter on navy aircraft carrier, guarding the open seas and oceans. Enjoy the toughest action battle in the skies and dominate your metal storm while flying and simulating F18 Jet Fighter Air Strike in 3D; this F18 Jet Fighter is a super sonic flying machine with top speed and is equipped with most advance weapon systems ready to destruct any enemy involved in major ground attacks. Enemy's ground and air radar system is very powerful, use your stealth tactics and destroy all the ground targets with your wingmen. Feel the heat in the skies and go behind the enemy lines take up the challenge of toughest flying machines as the enemy is fully capable and equipped with fighter jets like F16 Falcon, Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fighters and drones as they are the master assassins and sharp shooter within the air combat and dogfight, the task is ballistic and the combat is ON, as a Navy F18 Jet Fighter Pilot, airborne your F18 Jet Fighter and takeoff, simulate and strike down your enemy in the deadliest dogfight as the battlefield set for destruction, destroy air, sea and land targets in your range set around the Military base of raptor island where sniper shooters are ready to take you down with anti aircraft sniper guns and red canyon, so take up the challenge in this full HD 3D F18 Jet Fighter Air strike and feel like a real navy aviation fighter pilot. Disengage your F18 jet fighter from SAM missiles, guided radar systems with your latest weapons and destroy warships, Gunship aircrafts.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None