US Air Jet Fighter Warrior

In your country out skirts the hilly area is all occupied by air jet fighter enemies. This extreme airbase invasion needs to be stopped right there before they manage to control other parts of your country. This has started an ultimate sky war that includes much thrill, action, adventure, shooting and destruction. As a trained US Air Jet Fighter Warrior you have been sent to mountains to battle against the flying enemy fighters by using your extreme jet fighting survival skills. Taste the ultimate experience of flying air fighter plane high in the skies like a pro US Air Jet Fighter Warrior. US Air Jet Fighter Warrior is an ultimate sky war against the enemy airplanes. Jet fighters, turrets, enemy tanks, strange Commando soldiers and jet fighters. The enemies are fully trained and fighting against strange enemies isn't easy. The enemy jet fighters have occupied most part of your airbase and you need to take it back like a real US super air jet warrior. Get hold of your amazing US jet fighter plane and battle against these ruthless shadow enemies. Destroy their sources like a real superhero jet fighter pilot. Win the extreme battle by striking and shooting hard from your jet fighter plane and get hold of your airbase again. Beware of the wild counter strikes from enemy's airplanes, machine guns, turret, tanks and strange enemy commandos. Get into destructive air shadow war simulation game of 2017 and battle against countless enemy fighter airplanes, extreme air jet fighters, tanks, turret, choppers and commandos. End up this air battle as the real superhero survival warrior to claim yourself as the best air jet fighter warrior of your air force team. Fly like a strange hero air jet fighter pilot around enemy's field, get perfect control of your US Air Jet Fighter airplane and enter into the world of thrilling action packed air battle where you will face extreme air destruction. Win this war by using your extreme flying and shooting skills as pro frontline air fighter in this flying fighter simulation game of 2017. US Air Jet Fighter Warrior is an amazing addictive action adventure air jet flying simulation game for people who love destruction, air flying and action shooting game. GAMEPLAY FEATURES. Challenging Jet Flying and Shooting Missions. Variety of Enemies Tanks, Soldiers, Choppers, Machine Guns to Destroy. Realistic Air Jet Fighter Flight Simulation of 2017. High Quality 3d Graphic and Engaging Sound Effects. Superb Rocky Hill Environment. Crashes, Action, Shooting, Explosion and Much More. FOLLOW US. THANKS FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Operating System Android