Underwater Sea Animal Hunting

Be a deadly underwater animal hunter and let's prepare yourself for a journey of nature. Standing alone on your raft in the middle of the sea and aim underwater fishes all big and small not to mention deadly sharks flowing in the ocean. Complete all hunting mission as quickly as possible to mark your name in the best sea survival. In this modern sniper shooting game of shark hunting game, do not let blood thirsty hungry sharks and other sea beasts get closer to you. You can kill sea animals by standing on the island or on your raft. You might even want to dive inside the water as professional Suba diver. You are a trained sea animal shooter who is on the hunting mission to kill as many sharks as possible in the shortest possible time. Kill the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth looking for some prey. Don't let them approach you. Underwater Sea Animal Hunting is an extreme challenging and interesting animal hunting adventure. Fight as hard as you can and complete your sniper hunting mission in the most unusual underwater sea animal survival hunting experience. Experience an extreme underwater animal hunting adventure in the most dangerous and horrifying sea battle and hunt down the hungry sharks, fishes and other sea animals. Become an extreme underwater animal hunter, explore deep ocean environment as a Scuba diver and come up with an amazing ocean animal hunting strategy to become the best super hero sniper shooter by killing and hunting all sea animals, underwater fishes and deadly sharks that are there in water. You will encounter variety of fish species like Tuna, Napoleon, Manta ray, Sun fish, Sharks and many more. Dive underwater as Scuba diver into real wilderness exploring amazing world & fight and hunt at the bottom of the oceanWatch for your exact target that you need to hunt. Use all your exploring, battling and super survival skills to the fullest. Unravel the secrets of the underwater world by going wild on animal beast hunt. Get in to your super Scuba diving suit, prepare your sniper shooter gun and dive into deep ocean. Underwater Sea Animal Hunting will give you the chance to see the exotic creatures so closely. Experience some thrilling underwater sniping and hunting adventure by killing sharks and other sea animal using your best sniper hunting skills. GAMEPLAY FEATURES. Experience Amazing Underwater Hunting Missions. Mind Blowing 3D Graphics and Engaging Sound Effects. Variety of Sea Animals, Shark and Fishes to Hunt. Challenging Sniper Gunner Missions. Best Underwater Survival Hunting Simulator of 2017. FOLLOW US. http://www.facebook.com/TheGameStormStudioshttps://www.youtube.com/user/thegamestormstudioshttp://twitter.com/gamestormstudio THANKS FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Operating System Android