Counter Terrorist Battle Force

Grand city is under terrorist attack and a real battle has started to counter terrorist strike with the help of army battle commando trained by special military force of the country. In Counter Terrorist Battle Force you need to save big city from counter terrorist attack and with extreme shooting and sniping skills and fight like a real battle hero shooter of army force. Counter terrorist force, make super use of your extreme combat shooting training that you get from trained military force and get ready for super amazing real battle in an ultimate counter terrorist battle force game of 2017. There is going to be extreme action, shooting, thrill and battle which will make your heart pump blood really fast. Counter Terrorist Battle Force is a super amazing FPS game having highly addictive gameplay. This game will let you combat like a real sniper shooter in this modern FPS battle game. You as a secret army commando hero will go and counter terrorist force in an extreme shooting battle game. Go and counter terrorist force like a real battle shooter hero of army force. Counter terrorist force is specialized in extreme shooting and are expert killers. Only a real sniper assassin shooter of army can win survival battle against them. It's time to counter extreme terrorist attack with deadly shooting skills and strike back for safety. Take down enemy force like a super sniper assassin hero and counter terrorist attacks bravely. The fate of your country is in your hand assassin commando. Carry this secret sniping mission like a real assassin hero of grand city and counter terrorist bravely. Complete counter terrorist mission by hunting down the deadly enemy battle force. The deadly enemy battle force will keep on increasing and you need to shoot down the increasing enemy waves. Take perfect sniper shots with your assassin sniper rifles and shoot down the contract killers. Follow the map to hunt down the roaming enemies. Shoot down all the enemies to reach to the next level. Win this epic battle in intense shooting and sniping mission by killing and hunting down the deadly shooters force. STORY. Terrorist have invaded and spread extreme terror. Army intelligence has assigned special task to their trained sniper assassin commando for hunting down the deadly enemy sniping force. Counter terrorist operation is super risky but your job is to protect the city and its survival is in your hand. Get ready to take the position of a real sniper hero of big city and counter terrorist force bravely. Shoot down the increasing waves of enemy force, take head shots and leave no trace behind. Make perfect use of your super amazing sniper rifles MP5, Shotgun, M4 and hand grenade to win the battle in action filled FPS game Counter Terrorist Battle Force of 2017. FEATURES. Challenging Counter Terrorist Shooting Missions. Extreme Thrill and Action in Deadly Shooting Missions. Variety of Weapons like M4, MP5, Shotgun and Hand Grenade. An Epic First Person Shooting Action Game of 2017. Superb 3D Environment, Graphics & Engaging Sound Effects. Auto Shoot, Auto Gun load, Map & Much More. FOLLOW US. THANKS FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
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