Survival Island Warrior Escape

The wet and wild epic adventure of island survival begins, wrecked in the middle of the frenzy freezing deep ocean you are one of the army commando and lucky hero survived and escaped the brutal waves and pushed towards to the lonely and deserted island, you are a lone survivor hunter and killer shooter to deal with the environment until any 911 rescue teams search for you. Survival is the only option, unveil the escape mysteries of this thrive island, as a trained professional solider of US armed forces and hero army commando, you have been trained to survive in hard time intense situations by the expert US marshals war school and academy, show extreme skills in fighting off dangerous predators and woolly mammoths, craft weapons, build shelter, explore wilderness and survive at all costs with in this man versus wild series of bold action-strategy survival game of lost island. Engage into multiple tasks, use your gadgets, axe, guns and rifles expertise for escape, combat wild animals like lion, tiger, bear kill and hunt like a warrior to save your life, using your hunting and assault skills, emerge as a brave hunting hero hunting trooper in this thrilling island survival adventure mission, execute your escape plan and go for the run, clash with the titans of the rogue jungle. It seems like there is no sign of humans or earth nearby, wreckage that made you realize that you are the only survivor of ship crash, fight and struggle for your life if you want to survive, the sea creatures like hungry and angry sharks, alligators and crocodiles are waiting to take you as a prey, be careful commando and swim to escape yourself from these sea monsters, craft equipment. Fight for your life hero in these savage and challenging missions to survive on this haunted island, this amazing and legendary island is very far away, all you need is to find out the hidden tools for counter attacks against your enemies, use your sneaking, crawling and hunting skills to endure, craft emergency weapons like stone axe to cut and collect wood for bon fire, use archery for killing animals, go for the tree tops to collect fruits water to survive thirst, use ancient technique to lit fire to keep away from cold and wild animals during night.
Operating System Android