Hero Fighter City Crime Battle

The wicked underworld mafia gangsters and thugs are at large in the city, invading peaceful areas and committing crimes like theft and robbery. Play your role as a daring savior and hero fighter. Are you the chosen one to save this city's downtown from dark and evil shadows of crooks and criminals? Engage into an epic street battle, fight the crime with force, wipe out each and every criminal out of the town and don't let the gangsters and thugs escape from this battle of good and evil. Give your rivals hard time, work as an undercover secret agent and an angry fighter, create havoc and panic situation in the city of great gangsters and become the greatest underworld cartel hero god and don in the overkill-shooting realm. You have been hired by the top secret services and spy agency to eliminate the Russian mafia gods; it's a real fight between the top criminals and a secret spy hero of the city. Join the gang and gain boss's confidence, load yourself with brutal and deadly weapons own some vehicles and get into some overkill criminal businesses to stake over the underworld, grow your wipe out power rush in the crime world and be the king of the crime city. Conduct stealth and undercover agent's furtive battle mission and eradicate thugs, thieves, mobsters involved in the city RPG clash, feel the thrill and adventure, roam through streets and alleyways and shootout the mafia thugs escaped from the jail break and rolled up in the crime city. As an angry crazy ultimate hero fighter and undercover secret spy agent use all resources of fight with loaded guns sharp knives fist brass knuckles to improve strike battle skills. Your duty is to protect the city and innocent people from the gangbusters who are busy in robbing snatching money vehicle thefts and auto lifting, killing police and cops. Fight your way like the killer ninja and dragon warrior, greet these thugs with all your combo powers, use kicks, punches, and combos, to knock-back those evil gangs.
Operating System Android