Robots War Hero Survival

The clash of ultimate mech rival bots erected from robust metal and steel are on the storm rampage in city destruction and devastation. The astronomical evil forces from the anonymous resident galaxies are flying down to take over the earth. The collation hero forces on earth are mobilized to prevent this brutal occupation war of robots, the allied forces have engaged the survival systems on earth and activated weapons of ultimate adventure destruction to fight and eliminate these epic robots fighting to take over the universe with might and force to rule the iron glory on humans. Enter into the action packed heroic journey in eliminating these giant auto bots with epic roster of shooting power and courage, feel the heat lust and hunger for winning the battle against these intergalactic monsters clashing with humans on earth. Allied collation forces have some Great War heroes who earlier have fought some of the epic metal battles with these mech machines but now the situation is different as these massive automatons shooters are built and designed with invincible modern and innovative robotic technology specialized in combats survival skills, now they are ultra deadly and powerful then their ancestor bots, this epic war is not easy against these cyborgs and metal hero adventure monsters. These monster bots can convert themselves into automobiles like cars bikes trucks buses and hard to disguise. It's a real hard time for the residents of earth to face these enemy automatons and save the planet earth. These machines are involved in the data theft from the earth's mainframe computer systems and servers.
Operating System Android