Shark Attack Beach Survival 3D

Shark attack beach survival 3D is an ultimate amazing and a legendary sea creature simulator game, play the role of an hungry and angry monster coming out the blue waters and assaulting the picnickers and surfers at the beach this is an action packed aquatic adventure with amazing sea run and stunt simulator. Go on a frenzied ocean rampage, eating everything and everyone in your way these are the most horrific and terrifying sea creatures in deep underwater seas. These sharks are man-eaters and attack their prey with combine evolution in an instant without letting them giving a second chance of survival. In shark assault seaside endurance, survive as a hungry and angry predator destroy everything that comes in your way. Become a brutal orca jaws and hunt to kill the huge Megalodon and great white hammerhead hunters and sniper shooters are all around the beach in high tide, ready to hunt them down with loaded spears are all over to catch the big fish for fins don't let them catch you. Kill and destroy whatever comes in between your way in this underwater epic adventure, keep your lust for killing spree going. Bring out the carnivore creature outside and unleash it with this ultimate hungry attack. Play as a furious white or hammerhead shark and show no mercy, chase your prey in the deep ocean waters, grab them with your mighty Jaws to kill and eat instantly the beach survivals. Be the number one killer in the deep blue waters and get known as the killer shark of the seas, attach, kill and munch the swimmers and surfers surfing on huge waves of the seas. Sharks have evolved themselves so that they can tear apart their victim when they are hungry or angry, at their powerful deadly jaws and wrath to be the lords of the seas.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android