Mafia Downtown Rivals Fight

Welcome to the city of mafia gangsters, your rivals are all over the downtown, fight, steal, and seize to take the control of the grand battle of the underworld mobs and gangs, be the boss and godfather and make your own mafia crime unit. Give your thugs and mobsters the brutal and ultimate 3D weapons and stolen vehicles. Be the grand legend killer of the underworld rivals, extent your gangsters and mafia spy assassin agent specialist shooters and hard time escaped and jail break criminals all over the downtown to keep a watch eye on fighter rivals who are always willing to take up the fight in the sim 3D game. Prepare for grand clash of gangster and robbers in stormiest mafia gods chase and counter assault survival 3D game, load your guns and rifles eliminate snipers and shooters and escape, keep a watch on the sneaky police dogs can sniff you from distance in the city of crime lords. The police cops have setup a SWAT shooter squad to handle the mob lords and Russian mafia in the Vegas, city of crime as gang war and extreme deadly shootout clash between the rivals and thugs of downtown underworld empire for the city domination, the undercover high security operation against the criminals and mafia family has made the survival impossible for the city people, spy on the armed criminals and complete the top secret undercover missions. Escape, run, fight & shoot to carry out different criminal activities including robbery, clash, assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much more in stealth mode, snatch and involve in theft of the auto from the grand parking lot area of the criminal city, be the most wanted gangster fighter of the downtown, your rivals are searching for you everywhere, engage in cartel crime mission. Mobsters are running a crime cartel among bandits, robbers, muggers and gangsters are out spread in the town. Kill and shoot the security police and SWAT sniper shooters, assassinate the secret spy mafia agent and survive the criminals escape, the city police is on the chase mission you have to run and cross the vendetta wild crime empire city to be the bravo hero to rule the downtown.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android