Animal Battle Simulator

Live the wild life of vicious animals, fighting fierce animals in a battle and surviving in the wilderness. Just choose your favorite animal and fight with wild animals in a ring. Be the ultimate carnivore in a wild animal simulator in contrast to other animal fighting games.You Can choose from African lion, tiger, wolf, bear and many more animals.Animal games have never been this wild. Embody the deadly enemy as you hunt and stalk across a massive 3D jungle.Adventure in a realistic jungle simulation and fight other animals to become more powerful. Realistic animal simulator challenges you to maintain health and energy. Animal fighting games will give you experience to level up your lioness.Player animal will fight with all other jungle animals to survive and win this battle using fierce attack on dangerous bosses. Wilderness survival skills are crucial in this massive world. The simulator features an Accurate, highly advanced weather system including various levels of rainfall and thunder.Come the ultimate hunter, level up in uncompromising wilderness survival game that puts you in the paw prints of the world's deadliest predator! This awesome lion vs tiger adventure 3D simulation game is The first and one of its kind animal simulator.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android