Residence Evil Horror Game

Residence Evil Horror Game is a Free Puzzle FPS Action Game, Get ready to be horrifiedHere is the complete story: You wake up to discover thatYou have been kidnappedIn a bloody placeAnd you are forcedTo play a horrified gamecan you survivethe game consist of2 partspart 1 contain 5 traps ((Chainsaw Trap)) ((Knife Trap)) ((Bomb Trap)) ((Poison Trap)) ((Wall traps)) Each trap have a specific Riddle to solvein this gameyou discovered that you have been kidnappedand the last thing you saw was yourself in mirror you wake up to found that you're in a housewhich is resident in a high hillsyou look around and can't figure is it dark or light out therewith discovering that the house you are in is the house of a ill psychopath evil manand he don't like to hear any voice whilehe is playing his game with his toysby the way you are the toy and you have to remain silent orthe evil will kill youin one condition you can make voicesis while you screamingthat's the sounds he likeswithin hesitation you decide to keep calm and until now you can't figure what's going onand what you did wrongto get you into this bloody situation you are pulling yourself together and you will not get down on your knees to ask for forgivesand on some point you will decide that dying is the mosteasy thing to relief yourselffrom the horror you are incan you wincan you survive?
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