Call of Commando - Assault Ops

Call of commando assault is the topmost sniper shooting commando game in the list of best anti-terrorists war games. This shooting game is the most amazing and new commando shooting 3D game of 2017. Command of the military heroes, elite warriors along with the real sniper shooter make the call of commando assault much realistic action shooting game-s. In this commando action war game, you will find the different sniper striking techniques and real military missions to protect your city from the brutal terrorists. Call of commando is basically the anti-terrorist shooting game that has the most thrilling military missions to kill all those terrorists. Call of commando Assault is totally free of cost. The most amazing real sniper and military weapons with the anti-terrorist missions are available in this game. Call of commando assault has the violent terrorists hidden inside the city, you just have to find those terrorist and kill them ruthlessly. This is the legendary battle between you and the countless cruel terrorists. Be brave to defeat them and make your city a safe place for the people. Call of commando assault game has several different military missions which contain special military operations, university attacks, bank robbery, Casino raid, business center attack, Stadium of prance attack, hotel attack, theater attacks and park hostage rescue mission. All such anti-terrorist military missions make this action war game much amazing. The call of commando assault has several real shooting weapons such as air guns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and other assault rifles. Apart from all these real shooting weapons, there are many military missions with different realistic city environments. You have to be much dauntless and courageous to fight with those terrorists and eliminate them from your city. Call of Commando assault is the basically the test of your fighting skills; you should feel honor to safe the innocent people and play your role to fight bravely against the terrorists and dominate them in the lethal battle. So, download this amazing commando action war game and don't feel pity to kill all those terrorist brutally. Call of Commando - Assault Ops game Features: 1. Real military weapons and Army snipers2. Different play style that suits you: Heavy, Recon, Assault, Sniper, Combat3. Fight for your city against terrorists and play unique shooting missions. 4. Different shooting strategies5. Intuitive and Easy Controls6. FREE: playable on both phone and tablets. 7. Amazing background music.
Operating System Android