Galaxy Modern FPS Battle

As we all have a good and comfortable life in our planet and all of us had a good life on earth. But some of other planet's creators are planning to destroy peace of the earth. They are sending spaceships along with a large alien army to start battle of spaceships and attack out loved planet. So, it's a very serious threat to our planet and we as guardian of galaxy have to take some major steps before they dominate our loved planet earth. The galaxy alien's army has many spaceships and spacecraft-s and they are going to declare galaxy war strike on the earth which will be difficult to stop the fragile alien army. The galaxy war is not been happened yet and no one is much familiar with this kind of space galaxy shooting battles and war craft combat. The galaxy aliens are trying to send as many spaceships and war-crafts and galaxies toward the earth so they can easily intrude our main tower canon and nuclear base and dominate the earth by making a powerful strike with galaxy launchers and missiles. The primary and emergency solution to stop this galaxy alien's war is to go to space with your advance warship and galaxy war craft team and you as a leader of this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle game handle the situation as a FPS shooter and don't let them to strike the tower canon of spacy area and nuclear base near the space. All the aliens of the galaxies of the space has signed an agreement to go for a battle of machines with their newly improved spaceships, warships and nuclear missiles and tower canons to strike the planet earth with all their power. As you have been there on space earlier and you are much familiar with all the spacy galaxy launcher, advance space missiles, modern battle of the machines and also previous guardian of the galaxy so now it time to show your courage as a FPS shooter. As a PFS shooter you have to lead this space battle as a commander of the guardian of the galaxy and show both your courage in this galaxy war of machines and outstanding galaxy battlefield techniques to strike the galaxy aliens army intruders before they reach our planet earth. These wars of galaxies and spaceships game need extreme courage and cool nature of mind to deal with enemies which are space aliens. So in this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle 3d game you have to be a frontline commander for the spaceship and use your mad finger-s to eliminate the galaxy enemies of the earth. This is a nuclear war and you a guardian of galaxies go to the space war zone fully prepared in this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle new 2017 free shooting game. Outstanding 3D graphics and outclass visual space effect will blow your mind in this free Galaxy Modern FPS Battle simulator new 2017 free shooting game. You will be the FPS shooter and kill as many aliens as you can to complete the missions. In each mission there will be a new environment and new aliens colonies attacking you, so as a guardian of galaxy you have to show your mad finger power and don't let them go easily as you are familiar with them in a batter way. = Galaxy Modern FPS Battle game Features. =1. Infinite Combat Missions2. Alien Gunships and Battle Tanks3. Control the battlefield in Domination mode4. Superb graphics and sound. 5. Kill thousands of enemies and save the earth.
Operating System Android