US Army Commando Simulator

Get in the US Army Commando uniform and get the feel of an Army fighter who is here for his survivaland security of his nation. The 2017 3D sensations will shake your break your nerves, this game will blowyour mind the shooter feel will puzzle your brains and the US Army Training that you have will save youthrough all this. Your survival is your main aim; your targets are the ultimate fighters of 2017 who havebeen coached to cringe the life out of their rivals. So, get ready and enter the deadly city with weaponsand Fighter Army again US. Kill them, sweep them off the grounds of US and win the game. This difficultgame ofsurvival simulator is ironically very easy and smooth to play that you had never seen anyshooter get killed so smoothly and accurately. You have a big variety of guns to chose from, kill themwith the US Army weapon of your choice, you have limited health, make it lasts while the enemy fighteris alive, go with the sniper if you want, have fun, relax and make them crave for death. Buy health potions, bullets, shields and bombs. You have limited Bullets to work with, get cash on every enemy you kill. Get gold when you win every mission and make it to next level, buy bombs and blast them out of this shooter scenario. Your survival is in your hands, live on your own, be the US Army Commando of a kind that no simulator game has ever given you such honor. You must use all of your specialized skill to survive and destroy enemy camp. This is a great test of your intelligence and commando abilities. Enemy is everywhere on camp and they are waiting for you and you have to focus on all. Key Features- Beautiful 3D interface to enjoy war like shooting experience- Smooth game controls to make navigation and shooting easy- Outstanding game sounds. Realistic ballistics and shooting effects. Thrilling missions to select.
Operating System Android