MAZEing Penguin: 3D Labyrinths

Terrified penguin runs across handcrafted mazes. Have fun with this unique 3D runner game. Beat multiple levels of labyrinth and return happily to the pole to the home of penguin Matt. Each level in a different location with various challenges. You have the opportunity to visit half of the world and see it through eyes of frightened penguin, which desperately wants to return to his igloo in the South Pole. The unique three-dimensional maze in many different locations: forests, parks, cities, container ships, and even pole, and tropical islands. Run away bears, destroy obstacles, use secret passages and find the way home. During the game, you can stop time and take a look at the map to find you direction. Keep your finger on the screen to move the penguin in the desired direction. When penguin ramp up, you can tap twice and change the course to run. Then again speed up and tap twice to slide on his stomach. Main features of the game: 3d runner- diverse and attractive mazes- Levels all over the world- All labyrinths are carefully made by hand- Three speeds of Penguin: walking, running and sliding- Varied scenery of Europe, ocean, and the South Pole- Map- Intelligent bears chasing penguin- Secret passages- Changing the pitch of the penguin- Collecting coins and watches- Beautiful, classical music- Dynamic cameraHow to play: 1. Move finger on the screen to walk2. Speed up the penguin until it can start running3. Tap twice and run4. Speed up until the penguin can start sliding5. Tap twice and slide6. Follow direction to the end of the mazeMore on locations, like Canada, South America, Madagascar, Greenland, available soon. Run, Penguin, run home.
Operating System Android