Russian Army Training Course

Are you ready to enter the military camp, to become a fearless brave, daring commando? Series of tough and amazing training tricks, leading to transformation of a common person into a specialized OPS officer by playing this amazing Army Training Game. There are some given challenges and medals accordingly, each challenge and obstacle crossing will add into your medals for becoming the ultimate soldier to protect the army camps, base stations and all other secret places by giving day and night duties that will add up into a completely transformed military trained commando, that are assigned different names after their specific duties and training scores. You might become a combat, a commando on LOC or might get hired in sniper shooter team. No matter in which army you are, either it is a British army, US army, Russian, Pak or Indian army there is complete set of training for each type of army soldiers, they have to follow a strict time table along with a set diet, no one is allowed to show any grim on the facilities provided, because this is the place where future commandos are trained to fight against the ups and downs they are to encounter in the military life, when they are in battlefield, ground or they are in army base camps doing routine chores. This Army training game is filled with exciting challenges, obstacle crossing, completing task in time and with more scores as much as possible, get into the thrill and passion of becoming a military soldier and forget all other ordinary army truck driving, gunship commando shooting and similar games like this. Task and challenges in this game involve moving up, climbing net, juggling, and jumping for enhancing your obstacle climbing and crossing ability, how far can you jump and how accurate your make it, run to pass hurdles, pass army and military tough trainings to get appropriate skills of a trained combat soldier. There are some tasks in which you will be crawling under ground passages that have low oxygen level, and make breathing difficult. All levels have excellent boot camp drilling activities, to make your slim, lean body into an excellent hard soldier type 6 pack abs, after a complete drill and gym activity. Start your drilling now and get it done, to become the champion of this game and a perfect proud, brave soldier, that nation adores and trusts that will make some realistic plans to help them out of the danger situations and when country call for an urgent need in case of some strikes from enemy countries and terrorist. Army Training Game has come up with the following amazing features here: Real army base camp, training and fighting environment. Different types of missions, like jump, overtake obstacles, balance the body mass, walk on dangerous paths, climb the rope and many more. Easy and intuitive game controls. Mission based targeted time tasks. Quick response. Endless Addictive gameplay. Free to install. No internet connection needed to play this game. Realistic simulation of soldier modelDownload Army Training Game now and have fun showing your ultimate guts in this newest top game of military and assassins game. Let the nation see your achieved proud leading medals.
Operating System Android