US Army Rocket Launcher Attack

Truck driving free game is most realistic 3d Missile Launcher simulation war game based on real army tactics. Drive real straddling missile launcher truck simulator. Missile launcher truck is a new of army vehicle driving. This is most unique and latest army war Android game. Feel the thrill of real speed drive truck game on mountain hills. Protect your country hill stations. War Began with Long & big scud missile truck standing in base camp in battle waiting for you to drive army truck (while enemy is continuously bombarding on you) in a specific locations to destroy enemy target or just parking the army missile truck. Destroy enemy warships, drones, sea warriors with in time missile warfare firing from your jumbo launcher truck. Simulate the army 4x4 truck driving expertise to approach the destination in time. Battleship has no excuse so hurry up troops load the ammunition and destroy the gunships of enemies. Don't take it easy your country defense is at risk, enemies attacked with sea warships, drones and tanks. Defend your motherland in deserts, hills, seas and repel them to hell. In our us army rocket launcher attack simulation game. Sometimes you feel like you're in army vs terrorists combat. So you should train yourself in army train center as an army truck driver. So could easily complete army missile launcher truck driver game. Be careful from landmines on the roads while driving missile launcher in us army truck driving simulator game. You have powerful missiles loaded on jumbo military truck. Drive safe in Missile Attack on Army Truck 3d simulation game and attack enemy with missiles. As militants and terrorists are hiding so you will use ballistic combat trucks of war to attack them. Stealth is your military tactic in cold war. You attack on frontline where enemy is passing off road. Army rocket launcher will destroy enemies. Attacking must be silent like limbo but still effective. Tactile militants and burn enemies into ashes. Be aware of air jet bombers that enemies have deployed. Turret and warship are also trying to destroy you. Missile Launcher US Army Truck Drive simulation game will provide you with extreme ballistics, become a member of army and bomb militants before they hit you with nuclear bombers. This combat will save your country from deadly nukes. You are a brave soldier of Indian Army. Enemy base has all kinds of superior weapons, modern tanks, helicopters and drones are flying over battle arena. Shoot down helicopter drones with rockets and fire missiles on tanks. Fire bomb on terrorist camps to wipe out all scum. Clear the base and transport heavy army vehicles on a cargo truck to complete war missions. You had played some ordinary truck parking game, enjoy this tank battle vs military vehicle in truck driving 3D simulation game. Monstrous bombs loaded in cargo truck to destroy enemies. Game Features: Most realistic 3d truck driving simulator control. Missile Control System. Multiple driving options. zigzag offroad roads.
Operating System Android