Drone Vs Robot Demolition

Transformer Robots have taken over the cities and are now taking over the whole world. It's your moral duty to defend the mother earth. You are provided with fast and powerful drones with amazing and unlimited firepower. These aren't flying drones but are the RC drones. Yes. You have to fight against lethal robots with a robot machine. It's a machine vs. machine showdown. Your enemy bots are corrupted and no longer want to serve the mankind and are now threat to all. A group of dangerous robots have attacked the desert city and you have to defend it. Send in your flying RC quad copter or multi rotor drones. Unleash unlimited fire bullets on the enemy while defending your own quad copter. In this drone simulator, enjoy the fun and innovative idea of drones fighting robots. The game play includes certain very creative levels that takes you through the desert and pyramids and gives you a glimpse of the era of pharaoh. Save the tombs and temples from being destroyed and ruined by the robots. Fall in love with this amazing RC drone simulator. Destroy all robots and secure the old city and serve a good deed to humanity.
Operating System Android