Police Chase Futuristic Robot

Line up in line. This is 2050 and lethal robots have attacked your city. It's your duty to protect and serve your city in this big city game. In this police car driving or police car chase blended with futuristic flying bikes and flying robots. Play as a dedicated police officer and fight futuristic transformer robots. Transformer robots can fly and shoot laser fire and missiles. As a police officer you have to ride your hover board and bike equipped with the most lethal and unlimited weaponry and destroy all the robots. These robots are perilous and are very dangerous. There are multiple robots of two types. First type stays on land and has machine guns and laser guns on their shoulders to shoot you down. Second type can fly in the city and have machine guns, missiles and laser guns equipped on them. These robots are harm to mankind and are destroying everything humans have created. It's time for the creators to destroy these evil creations to end this war once and for all. In bike simulator, drive as a police officer and perform stunts in midair, fly over the horizon and unleash surprise attack and perform air combat stunts to take down flying robots. Show a variety of unique stunts and weave between tall buildings and attack the robots from above. In this police bike simulator kill all the robots and destroy various fatal machines to save humanity and live by the code: protect and serve. You have different missions and in different levels you have to take down a number of land robots and flying robots. These robots can perform ninja and wonderland combat skills and are very responsive at reflexes. You have to take them all out one by one. You can perform multi-kills using missiles and lethal firepower equipped on your ride. It's your duty to protect these citizens in this amazing simulator.
Operating System Android