Trump Vs Aliens

President Donald Trump fights to save America against the evil alien immigrants. Complete each mission to free the Americans from the alien occupation, shoot to kill and send them back home and make the aliens pay for the war. Aliens have invaded the United States of America. President Trump leads the war against the illegal migration of space aliens into the heavily populated cities of the USA. These illegal Aliens have taken over the streets of New York City and captured the national capital. Trump needs your help to lead military action against the evil alien invaders and orders to shoot to kill. Shoot down the enemy, run and jump to survive. Collect the gold coins to upgraded weapons and outrank your friends. How to Play: Tap the red (shoot) left button to shoot-Tap the blue (jump) button to jump- Kill the aliens and survive to beat the missionFOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Thanks to Graphic Contributors: Zouhair Serrar, Tim Douel, Frank Tyler, Clint Bellanger, Brian MacIntosh.
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